Tuesday, April 25, 2017

King Of War Camp-Pain: Scheduled Game #3

(Delayed Post). We are on roll here folks!  We finished our scheduled games for March early, so Nino put out round #3.  Kyle and I were going to get together to play Bolt Action....well, to LEARN how to play Bolt Action, 2nd Ed when we got the notice.  We figured, what the heck, might as well as get in out game.  James, and old gaming buddy joined us.  Got our game in first week of April! 
Set up of forces.  I was confident in my set up for once, though I knew Kyle was in trouble when he was mirroring me with every move.  

View fromt he battle lines.  Volley Gun awaiting its victims.  
I got to go virst.  So I ran out as fast as I could.  Kyle on the other hand, did not want to be charged turn 2, so he inched forward.  I didnt think that was smart as my shooting is better than his.  Granted his bolt thrower is nasty and they all hit on 4 instead of my 5.  
Got a charge off with my regiment of knights into his light shooter troop in the woods, but thanks to a magic talisman, the knights do not suffer any negatives charging into cover.  
Kyle trying to be sneaky and flying his harpies around my flank to the rear...but I was waiting for him.  

The knights are cleaning house on Kyle's left flank.  Its not looking good for him.  
So as the knights caused havoc on the right flank, the left flank was being shot up while the center was being charged....the Night Kin just crumbled.  

Kyle was not happy with his performance on this one.  BUT it was a great victory for my troops since this was revenge for the last game.  I lost big against his army.  Hey, you win some loss some.  
Next we tried some 2nd ED Bolt Action.  Good game! I was using my German SS while Kyle was using my US 101st Airborne.  

Sherman coming up the street! 
We ended it here as it was late and I had work the next day.  We got a few rounds of movement and shooting in.  VERY INTERESTING.  Can't wait to play more.