Tuesday, August 12, 2014

BOLT ACTION UPDATE - Waffen SS figures.

Just an update with the same figures flat coated with Floquil Figure Flat spray.  Skin washes were done with Citadel Reiklander Skin and the rest was Ammo of Mig enamel dark brown wash and metal pigments on the weapons also AoM.  Just need to flock all the figures. 

BOLT ACTION - Update - US M5 Stuart

So here is the WIP of my M5 Stuart I will be using for my US Paras. I first sprayed it a black primer from a can (Krylon).  Then a white primer, leaving the darker black to show a bit....kind of like a shadow effect.  I do this with all my gaming pieces only. 
 Then, I was so excited to fire up my airbrush, I forgot to shoot the first two colors, so below you the model at the towards the middle of the modulation process.  I ordered the Ammo of Mig US Olive Drab Modulation set from www.http://www.ammomigjimenez-usa.com/  (this is the USA site).(http://www.migjimenez.com/en/) This is the main site.

 Here is the M5 after I completed the spraying of the Ammo of Mig modulation process.  I felt I over sprayed the shine paints on the turret, but I hope it tones it down a bit with the filters and weathering process. 
 Here is the model after a coat of filters.
Minus some issues I have with the model, I feel the painting came out ok and the weathering will make this a pleasure to look at on the battle field.  Now I have to order decals as the box with the models from Bolt Action (Warlord Games) does not include decals for some ODD reason. 

AMMO of Mig Delivery

Well I am a happy camper.  I got my goodies from my good friends over at Ammo of Mig USA.  My US Modulation, German Grey Modulation, German Camo Modulation, new Weathering Magazine, and Metalic finished aircraft and Soviet aircraft wash kits. 

Lots to build and paint.  Thanks again Iain Hamilton for the outstanding customer service and speedy delivery.  The Vietnam issue is awesome and features Iain in it too!