Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Will be back with updates soon!

Sorry for the lack of updates.  Real life and Fallout 4 happened!   I will have some model updates and figure/gaming updates soon. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

UPDATE: SU-2 Almost Done.

Model dulled down.  Turret installed. Antennas on.  All that is left is getting the base done and this thing is completed. 

Used Ammo by Mig pigments on certain parts of the wings and landing gear, MG smoke and for exhaust.  Used the pigment fixer via airbrush to seal it all in. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

UPDATE: SU-2 (BB-1) Light Soviet Bomber, WIP

It's been one busy summer.  I haven't built and painted much, but now with the fall on the way, I suspect I will be hitting the bench more often.  I will take the time now to upload some photos of my SU-2.  I have to say, I was NOT crazy about this model.  I like the subject, but man, it turned me off for some reason.  I like all the rivet detail, but other than that, details are not this kit's strong suite. 

My goal here is to finish it up and mount it on a simple base resembling a simple air field somewhere in the Soviet Union.  For now, here are some photo WIP updates. 

 Pilot.  Basic paint job and used the Citadel Washes/Shades.  Great product.

 Used Alcad II gloss clear coat

 Ammo of Mig PLW (panel line washes) for the appropriate color
 As you can see, the green and black camo have different panel line washes.  You can see the rivets do too. 

 Some minor chipping in select locations
 Streaking with Ammo of Mig products as well. 
Now for some more weathering on landing gear and flat coat and I will be calling this a day.   Putting that turret together and painting it on the rear was a NIGHTMARE!

REAL STEEL: Parts of America that are still Free, Shooting AR's and Sigs and more.

So as you guys might know, I love the 2A and anything to do with shooting and fire arms.  I love to shoot them in timed contests and love to own them.  Unfortunately where I live, it's not that easy.  I am visiting a friend in a FREE southern state and had a blast running and gunning in the pits.  Fully suppressed .300 Blackout AR platform and a Sig Sauer P-226.  Here are some photos.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I fixed up some items on the base paint I didn't like.  Now its good.  I need to paint some other detail items (MG barrels, exhaust, etc) and seal it in for the decals and wreathing....BUT WAIT!  Must install the landing gear first!

My BB-1 in War Thunder.  I have bombed a few dudes in this sucker.  I prefer it with 6 100KG bombs to maximize my tank and AFV bombing power.

Monday, June 1, 2015

WAR THUNDER: Ground Forces Realistic Game Play

As you guys know, I play War Thunder.  Lately I have been playing more Ground Forces in realistic mode (no enemy tags or markers), where you start out with tanks and if you score enough points, can get the ability to re-spawn other tanks on your line up OR aircraft. 

So here I was with my M4A3 105mm Sherman assault gun, driving around an urban environment, when I turn the corner and see a German PZ 4 F2 just sitting there showing me his side armor!  HELLO THERE JUICY TARGET.   Good thing I had a HEAT round loaded and fired.  Hit that sucker in the side and the round set up the internal magazine and blew the turret clean off!  Love this game.

 There is me "PanzerBill" in the Sherman (red letters) 1 second before firing. 


So, it's been a while, apologies.   Been a tough few months.  In the mean time, I got some "trigger" time.  Here are some photos of the assemblies, masking and painting of the aircraft.  This model, though sold as an SU-2, is actually a BB-1.  Leave it up to Zvezda to make the mistake. 

I used Tamiya paints on the colors of this plane. 

 Filling and sanding seems.
 Adding Citadel wash to the copper color on the exhaust.
 Ammo of Mig White Primer
 Tamiya XF-3 Green base coat. 
You can see the pre-shading of the panel lines.

 Using Tamiya NATO Black instead of pure black. I also messed up and colored the WRONG infill in one spot.  OOPS!  Can you find it?  LOL
Finished Upper paint scheme.

Under belly pre-shading, quick and sloppy. 

Used Tamyia colors for this too.  Added one tiny drop of darker blue to get that Soviet Blue feel.


I have to extend the black onto the top of the cowling.  Touch up the blue lines to match up as well (underneath).

Misted some green lightly over entire model to fade the black camo a bit.  Plane will get a nice amount of weathering, so I didn't want the camo to look too new.

Over all, I like it.  The silly putty I used left an oily residue stain on the green paint.  I guess going fwd, I maybe need to seal the paint before applying???  TBD.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Book Review: Vol. 1 Encyclopedia of Aircraft (Cockpits)

I am NOT a plane builder as most of you know.  Tanks and AFVs are my deal BUT I am liking aircraft more and more these days.  Being I do not know much of the DETAILS of planes, I am always looking for reference materials and help on techniques. 

I reached out to Iain of Ammo for help with cockpits.  I have done 3 planes before, with all 3 being started and completed with in the last least it feels that way.  Two 1:72 and on 1:48 aircraft.  You can see my planes here, just look on the right side of your screen for them under the categories.

Anyway, Iain sent me a copy of Encyclopedia of Aircraft Vol. 1 Cockpits.  This was JUST what the Dr. ordered.   This book is FULL of useful tips and advice on painting, etch metal, fine detailing, you name it.  Some of it is beyond what I want to do, but its good to know about it and learn, maybe there will come a time in the future.  Photos.   This book is LOADED with great and helpful photos.  I mean really good stuff. 

I know I will be getting the rest of the series.  They consist of everything else you need to know about making model aircraft.  You can be a noob to planes like me, OR a long time modeler of them.  This series is great for everyone cause it is full of useful advise and techniques relayed via text and great detailed photos.  I HIGHLY recommend this book and the entire series.  Why the entire series if I have ONLY seen this one Vol?  Cause if Vol. 1 is this good, the rest must be fantastic too!

Please visit Ammo of Mig at either links to buy these books.