Tuesday, September 8, 2015

UPDATE: SU-2 (BB-1) Light Soviet Bomber, WIP

It's been one busy summer.  I haven't built and painted much, but now with the fall on the way, I suspect I will be hitting the bench more often.  I will take the time now to upload some photos of my SU-2.  I have to say, I was NOT crazy about this model.  I like the subject, but man, it turned me off for some reason.  I like all the rivet detail, but other than that, details are not this kit's strong suite. 

My goal here is to finish it up and mount it on a simple base resembling a simple air field somewhere in the Soviet Union.  For now, here are some photo WIP updates. 

 Pilot.  Basic paint job and used the Citadel Washes/Shades.  Great product.

 Used Alcad II gloss clear coat

 Ammo of Mig PLW (panel line washes) for the appropriate color
 As you can see, the green and black camo have different panel line washes.  You can see the rivets do too. 

 Some minor chipping in select locations
 Streaking with Ammo of Mig products as well. 
Now for some more weathering on landing gear and flat coat and I will be calling this a day.   Putting that turret together and painting it on the rear was a NIGHTMARE!

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