Monday, March 24, 2014

P-40B Update: Decals

Wow.  The decals on this model are a pain in the ass.  lots of TLC going into each one with Micro Set and Micro SOL being used on them.  The tiger mouth decal on one side was a total pain and even had some tears, with I had to correct with paint.  Not to mention the decal instructions were not exactly correct when it came to placement of the mouths on the bottom view of the aircraft. 

But, after taking my time this weekend, I finished this part.  Tonight I gloss coat over the decals to seal them in and start my washing and mild weathering tomorrow.  Being this is not an award winning model (I'm not happy with the build), I will not go nuts, it will be a simple display aircraft.  I thought the Trumpeter model would be better, but it's just OK.  I have a few Edward 1/72 Profi packs waiting for me, as well as some Tamiya.  But I think a tank might be next.  Either a Trumpeter KV-1 in 1/35 scale, a JS-1 in 1/76 or a Panther D or A in 1/72.  If I can't figure it out, I'll make the 1/72 Edward Mig-15 bis.  :-)

I had to paint the red stripe on as the decal was a total pain in the ass to place.  I found it easier to actually mask the plane and spray it on. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

P-40B: Update - Decals

Decals are on the way!  I can see that these decals are just as bad as the Academy decals.  This is going to be "fun". 

Landing gear was added and painted, and model was sprayed with light coats of Alclad II Aqua Gloss the night prior.  Left to dry and decals are going on!  Next step to finish the decals, seal them in and start weathering. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

P-40B Update - Filters

Not much to report.  I added some old bullet damage patches painted over with fresher darker paint and applied two layers of filters on the model. 
Tonight, if I have some time I will be painting some details and applying Alclad gloss to prepare for decals and weathering.  This is where the fun starts! ;-)

Real Steel - WW2 and Cold War

So, I figure I'd post some cool real steel photos.  One of my favorite rifles of the second world war is the Mosin Nagant.  I have a 1943 Mosin that I bought recently.  It is in good condition and all the parts match, except the bayonet, that is def not original as it does not fit properly over the barrel.  Regardless, it works GREAT.  I bought a tin of Russian 7.62x 54R and went to work shooting it.  It is not a super long distance rifle, but is very accurate at shorter ranges (100-200 yards/meters). 
Here is yours truly before firing the first shot with my Mosin. 


And her is a Jeep with a Ma Deuce on it.  The jeep was NOT a WW2 jeep as you can see.  But still fun as hell!  The M2 Browning 50 cal was a replica and it was a noise maker that sounded pretty real.  It works on propane.  You hit the butterfly trigger and BANG BANG BANG it goes.  VERY loud. 
Hope you enjoyed the pics.  Now back to modeling!

Monday, March 17, 2014

P40B - Update: Camo painting

So I finally had the balls to try the fun-tack trick.  I laid out my cam design taken from the plane's instructions and got my paint ready. 

After spraying the green, I decided to try some paint variations on both green and brown to give some depth to my colors.  It worked out ok I guess.  In future I might remove the fun-tack before I do this step as I got some lines that almost seem hard.  I need to use some filters and weathering to get rid of them.

After finishing, I removed the fun-tack and realized I had a little bit of clean up to do.  I had to try and apply some high light colors towards to tops of the plane.
After removing the fun-tack sausages, I did my touching up and then I went on to remove the lower masks.  I came across a small problem. 
The liquid mask PULLED off the paint and primer, down to the plastic (by the wing flaps).  I guess next time, before I apply the liquid mask, I should try some satin clean coat?  I also had problems by the front of the landing gear. Finny funny thing is I applied the liquid mash as heavy as I could so it would be a thick layer to allow me to pull it of easily. 

Anyway, Overall I like the way it is coming out.  Not bad for my 2nd plane model and my first attempt at hard lined edge camo. 

Next step, Filters, gloss coat for decal application and wreathing.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Dead Have Risen, and they have some real cool gear! Not bad for being dead.

Firstly, I need to stop taking photos with my iPhone, but it's just so easy.  The quality isn't there, but its ok for progress photos.  So here are my latest Vampire Count figures.  Lot's more building and painting to do. 

Grave Guard, more ranks on the way. 

Skeleton Warrior Infantry.  I am planning a unit of 25-30.  As you can see, ranks in the back are not painted yet. 
Old and new versions of the same.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throw Back Thursday - Old Chaos Army

Well, here is a unit of my Warriors of Chaos.  I painted these guys maybe over 5+ years ago.  I can't even remember.  I'd say more.  They are still a favorite unit of mine for Fantasy battles. 

P-40 Update - Starting the painting

Ok, so after stressing the masking process, I finally go to doing it.  It was slow and a bit frustrating, but it was needed.  Came out pretty good.  So after that was completed, I started on the upper colors. 
I sprayed a dark earth color first.  I continued to spray more light layers on the model beyond what yo see above. 
Then I sprayed a lighter color.  I feel that I might have sprayed too much of this color too heavily.  I might go back and spray certain parts just a hair darker to blend it better.  After this, it will be time for filters. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

BOLT ACTION WW2 1/28 mm Table Top Game

In honor of the passing of Bill Guarnere (90) of Band of Brothers fame, I am posting my first 4 Bold Action figures of the US Airborne during the Normandy invasion.  I am going to be making a full 500 point US Airborne unit and 1 500 point German SS unit.  Here are the first test models. 

Figures done, but I need to add some flock etc to the bases.  That will be the last thing to do, but will be done at the end so all figures are completed at same time. 

The German side is an SS unit, not sure which one yet.  But as hard as all the camo is, it looks fantastic when done.  I plan on a range of German camo; Dot44, fall and spring patterns, etc. 
Rear gear shot.

P-40 Update - Glueing the model together and priming.

So I started the process of mating the model together.  I thought being it is a Trumpeter Model, it would be almost perfect.  Boy was I wrong.  As nice as this model is, there are some definite fitting problems. 

If you can see where the fuselage and the wings meet, the gap was too big and the parts a little offset in some areas.  I also did not like the MGs in he wings.  The barrels were stubby and incorrect.  I didn't want to spend any more money on this kit, being I am not going to be entering it in any contests.  I went through my stash of brass and metal rods and found a gauge that was close to what I needed, cut and glued them in.  Not bad. 

I also got my little Dremel bit and carved out a bit of the 50 cals barrels to add some definition to the guns. 

Here is another angle.  You can see both sides are bit off, but one side favors the other.  I used Mr. Hobby dissolved putty to close the gaps a bit to many it look like a panel line more than a gap.  I used the same putty on the other seams and sanded them down. 

After priming the model with Mig's Ammo Primer, I used black paint to airbrush the panel lines.  I was not tooo careful, I kinda rushed through this phase.  Plus 1:72 scale is CRAZY small to me (I'm used to 1:35 AFV).  I sprayed both sides of model and then the fun REALLY begins.