Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SU-2 Light Soviet Bomber WW2 - NEW BUILD WIP

Well, the FB group has started a new group build, which I liked the topic ANY BOMBER ANY ERA.  I have a Soviet SU-2 early model that I am building for this.  Not crazy about the standard camo, but I will need to brain storm this a bit. 

The model detail on the outside is nice.  It is a Zvezda kit.  I have heard horror stories about this brand, but they do offer nice subjects.  The panel and rivet detail is ok, but not too deep into the plastic, but the cockpit is CRAP! Here is what I have so far:
Box Art

freaking small pieces

Tried to fill gaps with liquid putty

I never understand why some companies don't think their injection mark locations better. 

Fit issues?

Trying to make it fit right.

After one wing glued tight, the other side is just flopping in the wind!

Tape and cement

Here it is with wings glued, and rest of it taped for a test fit.  minus the tail that needs tape, its did go together ok, just a lot of pressing, cement and tape.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Mig-21PF: Update WIP and Finale

So after cramming 85+ hours into 3 weeks, I have finished this build for the Group Build of "The Basement Air Force" a FB group.  Won first place for it.  Fun group to be a part of.  Great model to work on.  My NEXT Mig-21 will NOT be a NMF type. 

Lower Alclad2 Panel masking

After landing gear masking removed.

Decals start.  See the TINY little blue ones?

SOOO many Decals.

Good quality decals on this Eduard kit

Used my current favorite, Micro Set to set up the process, Micro Sol to finish.  Many layers of Sol went on to get rid of any imperfections. 

First time putting decals on a MISSILE

Missiles on

Panel line Washes with my favorite Ammo of Mig!

This is great stuff right out of the bottle.


Done, and this time with a 60's themed camera effect.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


This is my Dragon BRDM-2 that I built and weathered over 10-12 years ago.  This was the first time I used oils and thinners to add some weathering.  I used greens, whites and oranges to show rain streaks and rust streaks. Old school before Ammo or Mig and other products.  This is a 1/35 scale model.  Pigments are on the wheels. 

This vehicle is portraying a BRDM-2 that was part of the Afghanistan withdrawal.  I saw this paint job in a Zaloga book.  Mild dusting using Tamiya paints.