Tuesday, November 18, 2014

EASTERN FRONT - New book by Ammo Of Mig

Hello fellow modelers,

So I got my new Eastern Front book from Iain over at Ammo of Mig USA.  WHAT A BOOK! I like it a lot.  It has MANY tank images that can be used as inspiration.  Explanation of the Soviet colors used that are also provided in the WW2 Soviet colors bundle that AOM sells. 
The graphics are of high quality, the explanations are good and this book should be standard equipment if you have a love of Soviet WWII AFVs like I do. 

Definitely buy this book.  If you always wondered what other paint jobs Soviet tankers used instead of just the typical Russian Green color (4BO), then this book is for you.


Panzer Bill

Monday, November 17, 2014

Visit My Friend Alex's Bog - Alex Benvenuti

Just wanted to let you guys know, that if you get a moment, take a trip to my friend Alex's blog.  He is an outstanding modeler and builds and paints extremely well.  He's extremely friendly as well and speaks both French and English.


Panzer Bill

DeMag D7 w/Flak 38 - UPDATE

So I got some more time into this model over the weekend.  So far I am pretty happy with my model and the progress.  For my first time, I think it is coming out pretty good.  Learning what works and what doesn't work.  The rails in the back on the gun platform are only dry fitted for effect. 

 I used Ammo of Mig Worn Effect for the chipping fluid.  Worked well I thought.  I also learned some good lessons as to how it reacts and when and how long to have it dry before moving fwd etc.

I was working on the wheels as well and I have to really finish the Flak 38 next.  Once the gun and the wheels are complete, I can start back on my tracks which I am not really looking fwd to. 

Then we can start on the real weathering and fun!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

1:35 Scale - UPDATE - Demag D7

So here we have the results of my first attempt at using the chipping fluid by AMMO of Mig.  It wasn't very difficult at all.  The issue is you REALLY need to pre plan your work with EVERY step.  So after priming the model and the parts, then spraying the base color, I had spray on the fluid.  Let it dry a bit then spray on the new color.  Once that was dry, I used a brush to apply clean water to the paint and us that brush and some small sharp tools to scratch it up. 

Amazingly, it worked.  Even though the model isn't very accurate, it will look very nice when it is complete.  I highly recommend using these chipping fluids.

One of the grey colors from the AMMO Modulation Set.

Light Base Dark Yellow from the AMMO Modulation Set.

Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm Back! - Updates 1:35 scale

Phew, so after a LONG political campaign season, the elections are OVER and I can get my life back, for the time being.   I was also hit with the hardest artist block I have had in over 4 years.  Finally I was inspired to pick up my paint brush again late last week.  Worked on finishing some Empire Knights.  Just need to flat coat them and I'll post them up. 

In the meantime, I FINALLY started to prime my D7. 

Working on finishing off the priming on the wheels and some pre high light priming and I will add the grey!  THEN...I will layer on the chipping fluid.  Then hit it with some dark yellow.  Should be cool.  I am practicing new techniques on old OOTB (except for the tracks and sprocket that I am taking from a Dragon model) models so I can 1. not mess up a new cool model that I plan to detail and 2. have a cool model that might come out looking good. 

So here is an old T-60 kit.  I think its a Skala kit.  I built it 10 years ago.  It's been in the box since.  I figure I will use this kit to also practice some chipping using the chipping fluid AND practice a knocked out and abandoned tank.  I THINK I will combine both the D7 and T-60 in a small simple dio.  Both OOTB.  Primer and paints from our good friends, AMMO of Mig.  This is the newer stuff that has the 6mm stainless steel agitator ball inside.  Works great with just a drop of AMMO thinner and a PSI of 15 on the air brush pump.