Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm Back! - Updates 1:35 scale

Phew, so after a LONG political campaign season, the elections are OVER and I can get my life back, for the time being.   I was also hit with the hardest artist block I have had in over 4 years.  Finally I was inspired to pick up my paint brush again late last week.  Worked on finishing some Empire Knights.  Just need to flat coat them and I'll post them up. 

In the meantime, I FINALLY started to prime my D7. 

Working on finishing off the priming on the wheels and some pre high light priming and I will add the grey!  THEN...I will layer on the chipping fluid.  Then hit it with some dark yellow.  Should be cool.  I am practicing new techniques on old OOTB (except for the tracks and sprocket that I am taking from a Dragon model) models so I can 1. not mess up a new cool model that I plan to detail and 2. have a cool model that might come out looking good. 

So here is an old T-60 kit.  I think its a Skala kit.  I built it 10 years ago.  It's been in the box since.  I figure I will use this kit to also practice some chipping using the chipping fluid AND practice a knocked out and abandoned tank.  I THINK I will combine both the D7 and T-60 in a small simple dio.  Both OOTB.  Primer and paints from our good friends, AMMO of Mig.  This is the newer stuff that has the 6mm stainless steel agitator ball inside.  Works great with just a drop of AMMO thinner and a PSI of 15 on the air brush pump. 

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