Monday, November 17, 2014

DeMag D7 w/Flak 38 - UPDATE

So I got some more time into this model over the weekend.  So far I am pretty happy with my model and the progress.  For my first time, I think it is coming out pretty good.  Learning what works and what doesn't work.  The rails in the back on the gun platform are only dry fitted for effect. 

 I used Ammo of Mig Worn Effect for the chipping fluid.  Worked well I thought.  I also learned some good lessons as to how it reacts and when and how long to have it dry before moving fwd etc.

I was working on the wheels as well and I have to really finish the Flak 38 next.  Once the gun and the wheels are complete, I can start back on my tracks which I am not really looking fwd to. 

Then we can start on the real weathering and fun!