Monday, May 12, 2014

Demag D7 - UPDATE

Well, here is the latest update.  Spent some time working on the 2cm gun.  This model is VERY OOTB and being it is old, there are some details that lack modern detail standards!  Just some left over brass and an aluminum gun barrel.   BUT, it is a cool model non the less.  Here we are so far...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

War Thunder Photos

Here are some more photos from War Thunder.  This game really is well done.  I know we can find problems with it, just like in everything, BUT over all it's fun, well made and still only in BETA.  So the room for improvement is great. 

So I started fooling around with the skin editor within War Thunder.  The guys at Gaijin have removed a number of the national markings from the Ground Forces portion, for SOME ODD REASON!  So I can not mark up my tanks accordingly.

 Below is a camo partner for the Soviet T-34 1941.  It's actually a cool tool, cause you can tweak the amount and the pattern combinations.  You can do all sorts of cool combinations to the available patterns.  The photo below is a photo I snapped from within the game.

Since they took away my national marks, I decided to fool around and start plastering the US Flag on my vehicles.  Just messing around, this wont be permanent. 
StuG F

Panzer III L
Must look funny from the sky as plans are flying around looking for a target, "Oh look, Old Glory, BOMB IT!"  Not nice! ;-)

So I play on a squadron.  Our name is HAFA (Hellenic Air Force Athens).  I figured I'd remove my large 8 that I had on my wing and replace it with a National Greek Flag in honor of my Squadron's home country. The eagle face is on ALL my aircraft   :-)

DeMAG D7 with Flak 38 - update

So I made some progress on the DeMag.  Worked on the rear flatbed where the Flak 38 20mm gun goes and also on the gun itself.  Should be done soon. 

I then decided that the kit link and length tracks SUCK!  So I decided to upgrade.  I did not want to spend any more money on this kit.  It is old, I have had it for 10 years and really just wanted it built, but I would like it to look nice.  So I grabbed the kit tracks from the older Dragon 250/1 Alt.  They are individual link.  I did however want something workable, which these are not.  BUT, I figured out a way to make then workable!  Here are some photos.

I set up some Tamiya tape and started lining tracks links up.  then, I started CAREFULLY applying a DOT of glue with the Tamiya Extra Thin cement to the center hole that the track pad fits in.  Once the cement is applied, I place the pad.  After a few minutes its all set to go and its 100% workable!

Then, I started going through my old parts stash.  I found an old 250/9 Tamiya etched brass set.  I will be taking off items I can use.  Here is the first piece that will help spruce this model up a bit. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

War Thunder and and WT Ground Forces - More Goodness

War Thunder is a great game.  The air combat version is in Open Beta currently.  There are some things that need fixing, but hey, they are in Beta still.  Their ground war/combined arms game is in CLOSED Beta.  This is moving alone quite nicely.  I was in a game yesterday that had a Soviet Su-2 bomber drop bombs on my location and destroy my PZ III E.  Tough break for me even with AA cover.  Then, the day prior, I was flying a P40 Lend Lease WarHawk and was able to strafe a German AA and kill it, drop my bomb payload (x2 100 lbs bombs and 1 500lbs bomb) on multiple targets but got killed when I went after another AA flak 38 who got me before I got him.  Instant Fireball. 

Anyway, here are some more photos and vids.  Nothing major on the vids, just something to understand how things look.  Ill post some better vids later.

Lend Lease B-25 Mitchell Soviet Service in realistic Battle
The instant I take YET ANOTHER hit from a Soviet 45mm gun.   
The smile was a result of hits from the Soviets.  I was immobilized with a transmission or engine hit awaiting my crew to repair.  I was out in open for 1:30, I was lucky to repair the issue and pull back.  Over all, with the smile marks, I counted 20 hits!  After all that, I was killed off by a Soviet plane. 
My Soviet KV-1 Zis 
My newly Unlocked T-50 
Newly unlocked Su-122 
Newly unlocked SU-76.  Tough vehicle to aim, as its tough to depress the gun on this one.   
A Premium Flak wagon.  I do not own it, it was just a test as  you can take these thing for a test drive.  See the interior?  Nice....
Here is me flying my British P-51 MKIIa.  After quickly dispatching 2 planes, I too am dispatched by a Corsair with the same cannon config as me.  4 20mm cannons!  DEADLY.  See how fast I catch on fire?  I only knew I was being fired upon after catching fire from the pilot's initial burst.