Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DeMAG D7 with Flak 38 - update

So I made some progress on the DeMag.  Worked on the rear flatbed where the Flak 38 20mm gun goes and also on the gun itself.  Should be done soon. 

I then decided that the kit link and length tracks SUCK!  So I decided to upgrade.  I did not want to spend any more money on this kit.  It is old, I have had it for 10 years and really just wanted it built, but I would like it to look nice.  So I grabbed the kit tracks from the older Dragon 250/1 Alt.  They are individual link.  I did however want something workable, which these are not.  BUT, I figured out a way to make then workable!  Here are some photos.

I set up some Tamiya tape and started lining tracks links up.  then, I started CAREFULLY applying a DOT of glue with the Tamiya Extra Thin cement to the center hole that the track pad fits in.  Once the cement is applied, I place the pad.  After a few minutes its all set to go and its 100% workable!

Then, I started going through my old parts stash.  I found an old 250/9 Tamiya etched brass set.  I will be taking off items I can use.  Here is the first piece that will help spruce this model up a bit. 

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