Tuesday, November 7, 2017

WIP: Ferrari 330 P4. Group build project for FB model site; The Basement Airforce #2

Moving right along...

 Sanding the seam out of the tires.  
 Never easy to paint red on black.  In this case I wanted a dark, dirtier looking red.  
 Tamiya Flat Red on low PSI and light coats

 Metal racing pedals installed
 Some of the products used for this model
 Etched Brass
 Racing harness
 Harness painted and decals applied.  
 Dash.  Fujimi got this wrong too.  TOTALLY
wrong dash.  

The real dash board from a video game.  Forza Motorsport 7
 Etched meatal disc brakes.  Need to paint the details now, Sprayed VJ Air Silver 

 Here is a shopt of the engine bay, BUT I cant tell which model that is.  Many of them look similar but are not the 330 P4 #24.  Here you see the transmission housing is a goldish bronze color.  I cant find a photo that shows my subject this way.  
 Forza Motorsport 7 Ferrari 330 P4 BUT this is the #24 car from 24 hrs of LeMans of 1966, NOT 24 hrs of Daytona which is the car I am making.  

To Be Continued.....

Monday, November 6, 2017

WIP: Ferrari 330 P4. Group build project for FB model site; The Basement Airforce

It's nice to be back.  Sorry for the long delay.  Spring and summer are always tough for me. 

As some of you may know, I belong to a great Facebook modeling group.  It was started by Ralph Sarc for airplane lovers and now has grown to a nice size, over 700 people and the models range from planes to tanks to cars to sci-fi to what ever the heck you want.  Bottom line is the group is full of awesome guys and everyone gets along.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/thebasementairforce/

I have done a few group builds.  I have not always finished as they are 3 month builds.  For most people 3 months is plenty, not for me.  LOL   I entered my first one a few years ago which was a Vietnam era aircraft build.  Built my first 1/48 jet and colored it natural metal.  Many first for me.  I won that competition, but there were MANY good models made by good modelers. 

I then joined a bomber build, didn't get to finish, that was the SU-2 model I have posted on my blog.  Finished it some time soon there after.  Also entered in a tank, never even started it!  The last one I finished was the Sci-Fi build.  I entered my A-Wing Star Wars model from Bandaii.  I thought I was going to take it!  I did a great job, very detailed oriented and probably the better finished model, BUT was beaten by a nicely made Batmobile.  It's a member vote system and the members picked Batman over some unnamed A-Wing Pilot!  I shoulda made the X-Wing and Luke!!! LOL  I don't care losing to good guys who do a good job and the modelers in this FB group are awesome.  . 

This time, I have ventured into cars.  I LOVE cars but have not made any.  Well, I did make a Vette back in 1989.  Used rattle cans.  For a kid, it was a nice job.  But now I am going up against some very good car modelers.  The competition is stiff.  I chose the Ferrari 330 P4.  I found the Fujimi kit but I found out soon enough I should have picked the Ford GT40 instead!  The Fujimi kit is full of mistakes with some parts and also the decals.  I wanted to model the 2nd place winner of the 24 hrs of Daytona in 1966.  I am fascinated by the Ford/ Ferrari rivalry.  This race Ferrari beat Ford in the US by winning 1st, 2nd and 3d place!  Here is an Iconic photo of the finish.

So as I was doing my research I found that the #26 car that came in the kit is wrong.  The car, whould be the #24 car! Also, the side view mirrors are incorrect.  I will try my best to fix these mistakes but I do not now if that is possible.  One of my fellow Basement Airforce members and competitor in this build offered to assist me with making me the graphics for the correct #24.  This is what I mean by great guys!  I owe Mike H a beer! 

Anyway, now that I have set up the story, on to the modelling.  The kit wasn't bad at all.  Details were pretty good.  I decided to give it a really good effort, not just a quick OoTB build. 

Fujimi Kit.  Notice wrong #26 on box art.  Really dumb mistake on their part.  Shoulda been #24.  There were 3 cars.  2 330 P4s, one an open topped car, #24 being the one here on the box art.  Also an older P3 that had subtle differences.  

 Sanding off mold lines.  Hard to see on the white.  I was too lazy to use the Sharpie trick. 
 Scribing corrections.
 Etched metal installs
 Put the insignia too high. 

 Chrome parts.  I hate chrome parts.
 Purple pond makes fast work of chrome.  Less than 10 mins.  I kept it in for a few hours just to be safe. 

Nice and clean, NO chrome. 
To be continued...

Friday, September 15, 2017

Hi Everyone.  Due to a busy summer (kids, activities, work, nice weather, blah blah blah blah), I am behind on uploads and even took some time off from the work bench.  Be back soon!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

More Figure Painting

I have taken a bit of time off from painting and building.  I have a number of things on my work bench from KOW units to finish painting, to Bolt Action, to Konflict'47 to 4Ground buildings to Black Scorpion Western miniatures.  LOTS. 

Forgot to mention, we have passed 100 posts!  This is post #103!!!

But, here are some of the latest miniatures I finished.  They are an OLD, and I mean OLD War Machine mini that I bought and started over 10 years ago....that's ONE LONG ASS artist block.  I chose to make the War casters colors reflect WW2 German Officers. 

Below we have a GW miniature.  Wight King. 

Below a finished GW figure that is part of a new Mordeim War Band. 

Finally finished this GW Mordheim figure for my Marianburger miniature. 

Repainted figure.  I had finished this one years ago, but did not like the wash.  I repainted the skin tones, feathers, gloves and leather items and rewashed using the Citadel shades.  

Same here.  

and here.  MUCH better. 
I will get back to building and painting very soon.  Enjoy these for now. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

King Of War Camp-Pain: Scheduled Game #3

(Delayed Post). We are on roll here folks!  We finished our scheduled games for March early, so Nino put out round #3.  Kyle and I were going to get together to play Bolt Action....well, to LEARN how to play Bolt Action, 2nd Ed when we got the notice.  We figured, what the heck, might as well as get in out game.  James, and old gaming buddy joined us.  Got our game in first week of April! 
Set up of forces.  I was confident in my set up for once, though I knew Kyle was in trouble when he was mirroring me with every move.  

View fromt he battle lines.  Volley Gun awaiting its victims.  
I got to go virst.  So I ran out as fast as I could.  Kyle on the other hand, did not want to be charged turn 2, so he inched forward.  I didnt think that was smart as my shooting is better than his.  Granted his bolt thrower is nasty and they all hit on 4 instead of my 5.  
Got a charge off with my regiment of knights into his light shooter troop in the woods, but thanks to a magic talisman, the knights do not suffer any negatives charging into cover.  
Kyle trying to be sneaky and flying his harpies around my flank to the rear...but I was waiting for him.  

The knights are cleaning house on Kyle's left flank.  Its not looking good for him.  
So as the knights caused havoc on the right flank, the left flank was being shot up while the center was being charged....the Night Kin just crumbled.  

Kyle was not happy with his performance on this one.  BUT it was a great victory for my troops since this was revenge for the last game.  I lost big against his army.  Hey, you win some loss some.  
Next we tried some 2nd ED Bolt Action.  Good game! I was using my German SS while Kyle was using my US 101st Airborne.  

Sherman coming up the street! 
We ended it here as it was late and I had work the next day.  We got a few rounds of movement and shooting in.  VERY INTERESTING.  Can't wait to play more.