Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Update - TD weathering, tracks and wheels

Here is the latest  update since the last:

Added some weathering and chipping.  Not 100% happy with it, but it's good for now.  Sprayed on a light dusting of Tamiya paints on the lower half of TD for the base of some light dirt and dust. 

Completed Fruil Track building and painting.  Weathered with AK Interactive Effects and Pigments.  Used AK Fixer to lock it all in over the paint color "Dark Tracks" from the Track and Tire Paint set by AK Interactive.

Here is a close up sample of how I plan to lightly soil the running gear.  I do not plan on heavy mud on this one.  I mixed AK pigments in a small cup and used this new color by lightly placing it in certain parts.  Used White Spirits to place it properly.  Then, after it dried, locked it in with AK Fixer.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Update: Chipping and Weather in progress


I have been slow to continue as I have been side tracked, BUT I do have this latest quick photo from my iPhone.  I have using AK Interactive products to do the weathering.  Streaking and paints for chipping. 

This is the first-ish attempt at chipping using brush techniques I have seen on web forums and in the Mig Faq2 book.  I know I have some improvements to make this way.  It is NOT easy for me. 

The weathering I used streaking products from AK and used brushed to pull the streaks.  I am not finished with this process. 

The wheels are off the model and one set of tracks is assembled.  I need to assemble the last set and then paint and weather.  I hope by the end of July I should have this model FINALLY completed and weathered. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Hello everyone,

So here is a model that I started back in February and am still working on SLOWLY.  It is a dragon kit Dragon SU-100 (SU-85M Premium Edition) Kit 6415 WIP .  I also have this work posted on AK Interactive forums.  I like these guys, ALOT.  Great company, great people, and great forum users.  If you are interested, definitely visit their website and buy their products, they are top notch and affordable.  Anyway...

This is the first model I decided to try Mig's color modulation technique in full.  I purchased the Soviet modulation set to try it out.  It requires a lot of patience and determination to do it right.  Lots of masking and color changes, but if done, makes the model look great!  I will post here what I have to date.  You can see how the model started off, and how it's progressing. The last photo shows the start of the weathering.  Controlled washes, streaking etc.  More to come...

I like this Dragon model.  Has options to build it as an SU-85 or SU-100.  I Chose the SU-100.  I had a Rubio 100mm SU-100 barrel from a previous SU-85 kit that I had from Dragon that I was going to convert to a SU-100.  So instead of using the provided plastic barrel, I opted to go this route.  I'll use that older SU-85 kit to model something destroyed and use the provided aluminum barrel from this newer Dragon kit.  See, things work out sometimes.

Products used:

Pro Weld (gluing agent)
Squadron Green Putty
Vallejo Primer
AK Interactive Soviet Modulation Set
AK Interactive Track and Wheel Set
AK Interactive streaking, washes, and pigments

Yes yes yes, I know, it's like an AK Interactive (Now AMMO of Mig) add, but I promise it isn't.  Just wanted to use their products.  They really are awesome. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

HELLO Everyone!

Hello everyone.  Today is the first day of my blog.  I am warning all, I will be slow to get off the ground and add content.  Thank you.