Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Update: Chipping and Weather in progress


I have been slow to continue as I have been side tracked, BUT I do have this latest quick photo from my iPhone.  I have using AK Interactive products to do the weathering.  Streaking and paints for chipping. 

This is the first-ish attempt at chipping using brush techniques I have seen on web forums and in the Mig Faq2 book.  I know I have some improvements to make this way.  It is NOT easy for me. 

The weathering I used streaking products from AK and used brushed to pull the streaks.  I am not finished with this process. 

The wheels are off the model and one set of tracks is assembled.  I need to assemble the last set and then paint and weather.  I hope by the end of July I should have this model FINALLY completed and weathered. 

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