Tuesday, June 7, 2016

WIP: Complete screw up of a model. ZSL-92 IFV

When the new airbrushes arrived, I was excited.  I was waiting for them to continue this kit.  I messed up the camo pattern on this IFV badly.  So badly, I am putting it away for now until I figure out how to correct it.  Most likely I will have to repaint the base color and start the camo process over.  VERY pissed.
 So far the primer came out great.

 Used some back primer for light shadow effects.
 My selected colors for the model.
 I decided to lightly sand the flat surfaces to make them more smooth for the base coat.
 The base coat applied.  Tamiya XF-59 Dessert Yellow.

 The model with silly putty on.  This is where I completely messed up.  BAD pattern, Bad application.  Need to repaint the base color and start again. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Games Work Shop Miniature: Special Edition Warhammer Empire Fire Mage

A number of years ago, I purchased the new Warhammer Army box of the newly reengineered Empire army.  It was a nice deal, plus 20% off!  Can't beat that.  Within that box, was a special character that was a limited edition, a Fire Mage!  Kinda cool. 

I have had him primed and sitting on my painting station for YEARS not knowing what to do with him.  Finally, a few weeks ago, I had inspiration and I actually painted him in 3 days.  I used Citadel paints, shades, and Reaper MSP paints. 

I did not want to paint him the way the box art depicted him.  I mean it was ok, but I wanted something different.  So this is what I came up with.  Hope you like.

This is the first time I have painted fire on a miniature, or on anything actually.  I used the shades on the model, especially the fire.  I used yellow, orange, red and even black shades to enhance the colors. 
All I need to do is add static grass on the base and I'm done!

WIP: KV-1 1942 - Turet, tracks oh my!

After some time away AGAIN, seems to be my routine lately, my apologies, I am back with a bunch of updates.  I have been busy repainting and painting some minis, ruining my Chinese AFV so badly that I need to repaint it and working on my KV-1.  Here is what I have so far since last update:
Used Mr. Surfacer 500 on the turret and rear of KV.

 Looks crappy at first.

 Then I whack it with a Dremel to add some roughness and start to sand.

Lets see what it will look like once primed.
And now for the FUN part of tank modelling.   UGH!  One side complete.  I used Fruilmodel metal tracks for KV-1/2;  ATL-10 (model #).