Monday, June 6, 2016

WIP: KV-1 1942 - Turet, tracks oh my!

After some time away AGAIN, seems to be my routine lately, my apologies, I am back with a bunch of updates.  I have been busy repainting and painting some minis, ruining my Chinese AFV so badly that I need to repaint it and working on my KV-1.  Here is what I have so far since last update:
Used Mr. Surfacer 500 on the turret and rear of KV.

 Looks crappy at first.

 Then I whack it with a Dremel to add some roughness and start to sand.

Lets see what it will look like once primed.
And now for the FUN part of tank modelling.   UGH!  One side complete.  I used Fruilmodel metal tracks for KV-1/2;  ATL-10 (model #).

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