Tuesday, June 7, 2016

WIP: Complete screw up of a model. ZSL-92 IFV

When the new airbrushes arrived, I was excited.  I was waiting for them to continue this kit.  I messed up the camo pattern on this IFV badly.  So badly, I am putting it away for now until I figure out how to correct it.  Most likely I will have to repaint the base color and start the camo process over.  VERY pissed.
 So far the primer came out great.

 Used some back primer for light shadow effects.
 My selected colors for the model.
 I decided to lightly sand the flat surfaces to make them more smooth for the base coat.
 The base coat applied.  Tamiya XF-59 Dessert Yellow.

 The model with silly putty on.  This is where I completely messed up.  BAD pattern, Bad application.  Need to repaint the base color and start again. 

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