Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Real Steel - WW2 and Cold War

So, I figure I'd post some cool real steel photos.  One of my favorite rifles of the second world war is the Mosin Nagant.  I have a 1943 Mosin that I bought recently.  It is in good condition and all the parts match, except the bayonet, that is def not original as it does not fit properly over the barrel.  Regardless, it works GREAT.  I bought a tin of Russian 7.62x 54R and went to work shooting it.  It is not a super long distance rifle, but is very accurate at shorter ranges (100-200 yards/meters). 
Here is yours truly before firing the first shot with my Mosin. 


And her is a Jeep with a Ma Deuce on it.  The jeep was NOT a WW2 jeep as you can see.  But still fun as hell!  The M2 Browning 50 cal was a replica and it was a noise maker that sounded pretty real.  It works on propane.  You hit the butterfly trigger and BANG BANG BANG it goes.  VERY loud. 
Hope you enjoyed the pics.  Now back to modeling!

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