Monday, March 24, 2014

P-40B Update: Decals

Wow.  The decals on this model are a pain in the ass.  lots of TLC going into each one with Micro Set and Micro SOL being used on them.  The tiger mouth decal on one side was a total pain and even had some tears, with I had to correct with paint.  Not to mention the decal instructions were not exactly correct when it came to placement of the mouths on the bottom view of the aircraft. 

But, after taking my time this weekend, I finished this part.  Tonight I gloss coat over the decals to seal them in and start my washing and mild weathering tomorrow.  Being this is not an award winning model (I'm not happy with the build), I will not go nuts, it will be a simple display aircraft.  I thought the Trumpeter model would be better, but it's just OK.  I have a few Edward 1/72 Profi packs waiting for me, as well as some Tamiya.  But I think a tank might be next.  Either a Trumpeter KV-1 in 1/35 scale, a JS-1 in 1/76 or a Panther D or A in 1/72.  If I can't figure it out, I'll make the 1/72 Edward Mig-15 bis.  :-)

I had to paint the red stripe on as the decal was a total pain in the ass to place.  I found it easier to actually mask the plane and spray it on. 

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