Monday, April 7, 2014

P-40B Update and Finale

I have FINALLY finished this P40B.  Washes on, used AMMO of MIG washes and Floquil Figure Flat after my Alclad 2 Aqua coats.  I wasn't so impressed, and to be honest with the model, I lost interest once I saw the fit problems with the model.  I did my best to salvage it and paint it nicely, but there were a number of mistakes and problems with it that will prevent me from entering this in any shows.  This will just be a display model in my war room.  (what is my war room  you ask?  wait and see). 

I liked the subject in this model, but Trumpeter has to make some improvements on fit, and some other items that needed attention.  Here are the photos of the finished model.  Thanks for following.

Yes I know, I haven't added the light's plastic piece yet.  I need to locate it, it went into the void....I am still looking.  :-)  Also, I just HATE how bulky the canopy is on this model.  Too chunky.  I wanted it to be in the open position, BUT it does not fit well this way and had to pull it closed. 

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