Wednesday, April 30, 2014

War Thunder and War Thunder Ground Forces

Well, I am totally addicted to this game. I have added a link here for you to use to join.  If you do, you get some bonus gold to use to buy items and you will help me too.  I have been flying for months now (pics and vids of planes later).

The game is currently a plane game full of fighters, fighter bombers and all sorts of bomber that start out in 1930s and go to the Korean war era.  EXCELLENT game.  Also they are conducting a closed BETA that I am a part of, that have tank warfare from the same time period.  The game is WAY better than World of Tanks and WORLDS better than World of Warplanes.  Here are some pics for you to look at.





Some AT 57mm Zis SP type tractor

Panzer III E

Panzer III F
The tanks are all good.  Even though they are early type tanks.  Nothing is over powered or underpowered.  There is NO hit points to grind down before you kill a tank.  It's all about the shot and where it hits. 
The art work is of my doing.  I like to keep the art work the same to keep consistent so people start to know it's me on the virtual battlefield. 
Below some pics of other available tanks and TDs. 

Here is the view I had in my KV-1 while I was up on a hill behind a low rock formation looking down at these two panzers.  I put 3 rounds into that Panzer III M.  1st round busted the track and it could not move, you can actually see the tack dangling and the skirtzen piece is missing from a previous hit.  The 2nd round jammed the turret as I aimed for the turret ring.  The 3'd round set it on fire (engine area) and the fire exploded the tank.. KILL.  The Panther knew he was ambushed and drove off. 
And here is some video footage from the game.  I am in a Panzer III E.  The tank I killed on the fly was Soviet BT-7.  One shot killed the crew or incapacitated them enough to get me the kill.  The tank just rolled to a stop!  Other times, it explodes or if you set off the magazine, it goes off like a roman candle. 

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