Monday, March 17, 2014

P40B - Update: Camo painting

So I finally had the balls to try the fun-tack trick.  I laid out my cam design taken from the plane's instructions and got my paint ready. 

After spraying the green, I decided to try some paint variations on both green and brown to give some depth to my colors.  It worked out ok I guess.  In future I might remove the fun-tack before I do this step as I got some lines that almost seem hard.  I need to use some filters and weathering to get rid of them.

After finishing, I removed the fun-tack and realized I had a little bit of clean up to do.  I had to try and apply some high light colors towards to tops of the plane.
After removing the fun-tack sausages, I did my touching up and then I went on to remove the lower masks.  I came across a small problem. 
The liquid mask PULLED off the paint and primer, down to the plastic (by the wing flaps).  I guess next time, before I apply the liquid mask, I should try some satin clean coat?  I also had problems by the front of the landing gear. Finny funny thing is I applied the liquid mash as heavy as I could so it would be a thick layer to allow me to pull it of easily. 

Anyway, Overall I like the way it is coming out.  Not bad for my 2nd plane model and my first attempt at hard lined edge camo. 

Next step, Filters, gloss coat for decal application and wreathing.