Monday, June 1, 2015

WAR THUNDER: Ground Forces Realistic Game Play

As you guys know, I play War Thunder.  Lately I have been playing more Ground Forces in realistic mode (no enemy tags or markers), where you start out with tanks and if you score enough points, can get the ability to re-spawn other tanks on your line up OR aircraft. 

So here I was with my M4A3 105mm Sherman assault gun, driving around an urban environment, when I turn the corner and see a German PZ 4 F2 just sitting there showing me his side armor!  HELLO THERE JUICY TARGET.   Good thing I had a HEAT round loaded and fired.  Hit that sucker in the side and the round set up the internal magazine and blew the turret clean off!  Love this game.

 There is me "PanzerBill" in the Sherman (red letters) 1 second before firing. 

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