Monday, June 1, 2015


So, it's been a while, apologies.   Been a tough few months.  In the mean time, I got some "trigger" time.  Here are some photos of the assemblies, masking and painting of the aircraft.  This model, though sold as an SU-2, is actually a BB-1.  Leave it up to Zvezda to make the mistake. 

I used Tamiya paints on the colors of this plane. 

 Filling and sanding seems.
 Adding Citadel wash to the copper color on the exhaust.
 Ammo of Mig White Primer
 Tamiya XF-3 Green base coat. 
You can see the pre-shading of the panel lines.

 Using Tamiya NATO Black instead of pure black. I also messed up and colored the WRONG infill in one spot.  OOPS!  Can you find it?  LOL
Finished Upper paint scheme.

Under belly pre-shading, quick and sloppy. 

Used Tamyia colors for this too.  Added one tiny drop of darker blue to get that Soviet Blue feel.


I have to extend the black onto the top of the cowling.  Touch up the blue lines to match up as well (underneath).

Misted some green lightly over entire model to fade the black camo a bit.  Plane will get a nice amount of weathering, so I didn't want the camo to look too new.

Over all, I like it.  The silly putty I used left an oily residue stain on the green paint.  I guess going fwd, I maybe need to seal the paint before applying???  TBD.

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