Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Book Review: Vol. 1 Encyclopedia of Aircraft (Cockpits)

I am NOT a plane builder as most of you know.  Tanks and AFVs are my deal BUT I am liking aircraft more and more these days.  Being I do not know much of the DETAILS of planes, I am always looking for reference materials and help on techniques. 

I reached out to Iain of Ammo for help with cockpits.  I have done 3 planes before, with all 3 being started and completed with in the last year....at least it feels that way.  Two 1:72 and on 1:48 aircraft.  You can see my planes here, just look on the right side of your screen for them under the categories.

Anyway, Iain sent me a copy of Encyclopedia of Aircraft Vol. 1 Cockpits.  This was JUST what the Dr. ordered.   This book is FULL of useful tips and advice on painting, etch metal, fine detailing, you name it.  Some of it is beyond what I want to do, but its good to know about it and learn, maybe there will come a time in the future.  Photos.   This book is LOADED with great and helpful photos.  I mean really good stuff. 

I know I will be getting the rest of the series.  They consist of everything else you need to know about making model aircraft.  You can be a noob to planes like me, OR a long time modeler of them.  This series is great for everyone cause it is full of useful advise and techniques relayed via text and great detailed photos.  I HIGHLY recommend this book and the entire series.  Why the entire series if I have ONLY seen this one Vol?  Cause if Vol. 1 is this good, the rest must be fantastic too!

Please visit Ammo of Mig at either links to buy these books. 



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