Tuesday, August 12, 2014

BOLT ACTION - Update - US M5 Stuart

So here is the WIP of my M5 Stuart I will be using for my US Paras. I first sprayed it a black primer from a can (Krylon).  Then a white primer, leaving the darker black to show a bit....kind of like a shadow effect.  I do this with all my gaming pieces only. 
 Then, I was so excited to fire up my airbrush, I forgot to shoot the first two colors, so below you the model at the towards the middle of the modulation process.  I ordered the Ammo of Mig US Olive Drab Modulation set from www.http://www.ammomigjimenez-usa.com/  (this is the USA site).(http://www.migjimenez.com/en/) This is the main site.

 Here is the M5 after I completed the spraying of the Ammo of Mig modulation process.  I felt I over sprayed the shine paints on the turret, but I hope it tones it down a bit with the filters and weathering process. 
 Here is the model after a coat of filters.
Minus some issues I have with the model, I feel the painting came out ok and the weathering will make this a pleasure to look at on the battle field.  Now I have to order decals as the box with the models from Bolt Action (Warlord Games) does not include decals for some ODD reason. 

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