Monday, November 6, 2017

WIP: Ferrari 330 P4. Group build project for FB model site; The Basement Airforce

It's nice to be back.  Sorry for the long delay.  Spring and summer are always tough for me. 

As some of you may know, I belong to a great Facebook modeling group.  It was started by Ralph Sarc for airplane lovers and now has grown to a nice size, over 700 people and the models range from planes to tanks to cars to sci-fi to what ever the heck you want.  Bottom line is the group is full of awesome guys and everyone gets along.

I have done a few group builds.  I have not always finished as they are 3 month builds.  For most people 3 months is plenty, not for me.  LOL   I entered my first one a few years ago which was a Vietnam era aircraft build.  Built my first 1/48 jet and colored it natural metal.  Many first for me.  I won that competition, but there were MANY good models made by good modelers. 

I then joined a bomber build, didn't get to finish, that was the SU-2 model I have posted on my blog.  Finished it some time soon there after.  Also entered in a tank, never even started it!  The last one I finished was the Sci-Fi build.  I entered my A-Wing Star Wars model from Bandaii.  I thought I was going to take it!  I did a great job, very detailed oriented and probably the better finished model, BUT was beaten by a nicely made Batmobile.  It's a member vote system and the members picked Batman over some unnamed A-Wing Pilot!  I shoulda made the X-Wing and Luke!!! LOL  I don't care losing to good guys who do a good job and the modelers in this FB group are awesome.  . 

This time, I have ventured into cars.  I LOVE cars but have not made any.  Well, I did make a Vette back in 1989.  Used rattle cans.  For a kid, it was a nice job.  But now I am going up against some very good car modelers.  The competition is stiff.  I chose the Ferrari 330 P4.  I found the Fujimi kit but I found out soon enough I should have picked the Ford GT40 instead!  The Fujimi kit is full of mistakes with some parts and also the decals.  I wanted to model the 2nd place winner of the 24 hrs of Daytona in 1966.  I am fascinated by the Ford/ Ferrari rivalry.  This race Ferrari beat Ford in the US by winning 1st, 2nd and 3d place!  Here is an Iconic photo of the finish.

So as I was doing my research I found that the #26 car that came in the kit is wrong.  The car, whould be the #24 car! Also, the side view mirrors are incorrect.  I will try my best to fix these mistakes but I do not now if that is possible.  One of my fellow Basement Airforce members and competitor in this build offered to assist me with making me the graphics for the correct #24.  This is what I mean by great guys!  I owe Mike H a beer! 

Anyway, now that I have set up the story, on to the modelling.  The kit wasn't bad at all.  Details were pretty good.  I decided to give it a really good effort, not just a quick OoTB build. 

Fujimi Kit.  Notice wrong #26 on box art.  Really dumb mistake on their part.  Shoulda been #24.  There were 3 cars.  2 330 P4s, one an open topped car, #24 being the one here on the box art.  Also an older P3 that had subtle differences.  

 Sanding off mold lines.  Hard to see on the white.  I was too lazy to use the Sharpie trick. 
 Scribing corrections.
 Etched metal installs
 Put the insignia too high. 

 Chrome parts.  I hate chrome parts.
 Purple pond makes fast work of chrome.  Less than 10 mins.  I kept it in for a few hours just to be safe. 

Nice and clean, NO chrome. 
To be continued...

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