Thursday, July 12, 2018

WIP: Bandai Star Wars Tie Fighter

It has indeed been a while.  Real life gets in the way of fun.  I have been building, but NOT frequently at all.  After the end of February, I lost the spark and stopped some models I was working on DEAD in their tracks.  Around August I start to gain steam again.  Anyway, let me post some of the work I had finished and documented before I lost my MOJO.  Over the next few days I will upload. 

Masking the wings.  Real pain in the butt.
Panels painted.  I masked them so the paint doesn't get too think and the parts don't have a hard time snapping in. 

Pilot painted.
Cockpit painted and testing red LED.

Tie Fighter in his office.

painting the parts individually.  Adding decals.  Very small.

Such fine detail and now applying Tamiya panel line wash.....but I wasn't happy with it.  Too hard to wipe off.  So I made my own. 

I combined these two products and made my own wash.  I had that White Spirit since Mig owned AK! 

Washed and ready.  Now to finish the base, and deal with wires. 

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