Friday, July 25, 2014

War Hammer - Vampire Counts - Dark Knights and Vampire WIP

So I have been al over the place lately.  I warned you that I had modeling A.D.D.  I have gone back to finish off some model figures I have had on my plate for years.  I am almost done, just some base painting, clear coating and flocking left!

I used Mostly GW paints on these models and their new range of GW washes.  I like them very much.  I like them better than the previous line of GW washes.  I felt the last line was too dark and staining.  The new line is the same color, but the consistency is perfect as the color finds its way into the recesses and does minor staining of color on matt finishes.  Some layering or dry brushing and you are good to go after washes have dried. 

The standard bearer I finished 3 years ago....yeah that's right.  He is the only figure that was dipped in the Army Painter dip.  He and the steed came out ok, but you can see the difference with the washes on the other 4 steeds. 

These are my Dark Nights, the previous version, prior to the new plastics.  I have so many of them that I did not want to buy the new ones and waste that money.  As silly as they might look, I kinda like them.  So I did my best in painting them to look better.  I changed out their shields with left over Grave Guard shields from the new plastic set.  The Vampire's shield is a shaved down and sanded Chaos Warrior shield.  I want to paint on some coat of arms soon, just need to figure out what I will do.

The mounted Vampire is an old one as well.  I always liked this model and finally got to building and painting it. 

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