Thursday, July 3, 2014


So I have finally finished the painting on my 3 German SS figures and clear coated and washed them with AMMO of Mig Washes.  In the photos the models appear glossy as I used Krylon Satin clear spray to lock on the color on all my playable figures.  Now that the washes are on, and they dry, I will again reapply a layers of Krylon Satin Clear to lock in the washes and then its Floquil Figure Flat and done. 

I like the Bolt Action line of German SS figures.  They represent a nice mix of posses and equipment.  Most of them sport the reversible camo spring/fall pull over that really limits the camo patterns, but either way, that is enough to have a nice mix amongst the troops.  I plan to buy a plastic Army set to add troops that did NOT use the pull over as much, OR wore 1944 dot pattern. 

Again, these need to be flat coated, they WILL NOT be so shiny. 

"Masher Out!"

"Ja, go that way!"

 "I hate this running all the time"

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