Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bolt Action - UPDATE

So I finished a few more troopers.  This time I tried paints from Life Color.  My first 4 troopers were painted with VJ paints.  This time, I tried the LC paints that are made specifically for US troops in WW2.  I definitely liked the uniform color more.  At the bottom you will find a photo of all my BA figures to date. 
I used Ammo or Mig Crystal Clear Red for the officer's flash-light and I used Ammo of Mig washes for the rest of the troopers uniforms (NOT the kneeling guy).  I used the new Citadel Washes for the skin and any browns (boots, holsters, rifles).  Then, Ammo of Mig pigments on the metal parts of the weapons along with Ammo of Mig pigment fixer. 

 On this kneeling trooper, I decided to use the Citadel washes followed by high lighting the high points, BUT, I was not too happy with the results.  Looks dirty. 

Here you can see the painting differences with the LC paints and the VJ paints.  I like both, but I think the hue of the troopers uniform is more correct with the LC, BUT....the color variation is cool as I'm sure there were some differences in the uniform colors due to different manufactures making them.  Some SS troops behind the US Troopers.  I am working on 3 more SS Troops currently. 
I need to add flock to all bases.

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