Thursday, June 5, 2014

War Thunder - Ground Forces - T60 light tank

So I unlocked the T-60 light tank.  This thing was pretty much a support vehicle for troops in real life, or a scouting tank.  In WT Ground Forces however, its a fast firing tank that you can use to spam the enemy with 20mm rounds!  It carried 59 rounds in one magazine.  It fires FAST but doesn't do much damage, especially against bigger tanks, but great for killing player operated AAA vehicles and light tanks.  Also, I'm sure it will cause havoc to low flying aircraft! 

Try getting around the read flanks of the enemy to damage engines or tracks to immobilize.  Then have a friend with a heavier tank finish them off.  Another tactic can be to have 2 or 3 buddies in this thing and take turns dumping the magazines.  The T-60 takes quite some time to reload, so once  you dump your mag, then your friend can unload his magazine and then you run out, your next buddy can dump his....rinse and repeat till dead.  Most players will be so distracted from the intense volume of fire, they wont know what to do and just sit there till killed. 

The T-60's 20mm cannon is like the 20mm cannon the Soviet aircraft are armed with.  Looking fwd to my first game with it. 
PS: Can't get this video to play properly.  Sorry for the link and not a thumbnail.

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