Monday, June 16, 2014

Bolt Action Games (War Lord Games) - UPDATE

Hello again everyone.  Hope you all had a happy Father's Day.  Also, hope you all had a GREAT Flag Day (June 14th) and the US Army celebrated it's birthday (born on June 14, 1775)as well. 

I received some goodies in the mail Sat.  It was a package with my M5 Stuart and my Puma.  As you know, I am working on a small US Para force and German SS unit.  I am slowly painting he minis and now I got my vehicles. 

I wanted something light and fast and not over powered.  I wanted for regular troops to be able to easily kill these vehicles and also for the vehicles not be able to over kill the troops.  So I settled in these two light vehicles for now. 

I opened the boxes to find some very cool vehicles.  I cant wait to paint them!  The constructions seems very easy, not too many parts.  The resin parts are well made, nice details on them, especially the M5.  Metal parts are very well made too.  They have some flash on them that needs attention, but nothing crazy. 

My concern though is that they vehicles that are scaled at 1:56 seem to be a bit undersized to the figures.  I have read that some people use 1:48 scale.  Which is closer to 28mm????  See the comparisons in the photos below where I placed BA minis next to the vehicles. 

And YES, that is still my DeMag D7 looking UNFINISHED in the back ground. 

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