Friday, January 16, 2015

BONES Models Primed

So I primed my BONES models.  I did my usual black and white high light primer trick, but left 2 models black that I am planning on painting in metalics. 
cant wait to start painting these guys.  Going to use them as part of my Song of Blades and Heroes War Band.

Also, I got my package yesterday from Ammo of Mig USA and Iain, who is a hell of a guy.  I ordered the new filters they put out.  Add them to my collection as I have a bunch of older MIG filters too. 
As you can see, I got the stainless steel ball bearing too to add to all my paint jars, especially the VJ paints I have.  Great idea Ammo of Mig had to simply add this to their product!


  1. Bill, are you ever going to paint a Reaper Bones model that you did NOT see in my display case first? Haha...

  2. Sal, these were selected and painted BEFORE you had us over Friday night, nuckleheard! ;-) BUT, I do find it spooky that we have chosen almost 80% of the same models to paint.