Thursday, January 15, 2015

The end of 2014 and the start of 2015. Going to be a good year!

Ok so here are some things I am working on....yes I know, TOO much all at once.  Regardless, here is what is on my work bench OR what I finished recently and failed to post. 

M5 Stuart from WarLord Games (Bolt Action).  This guy was modulated, control washed, and slightly weathered.  It's a gaming piece after all.  The paint is Ammo of Mig Modulation set and Ammo washes and streaking.

Here he have the new Bolt Action M4 plastic tank.  Italeri makes it, its pretty good, BUT they got the sag in the tracks wrong, WHICH is a bit upsetting, especially for Italeri. 

My prototype model of a tank from the new game which was funded via Kickstarter (I got in on it) called, All Quiet on Martian Front.  I haven't really played yet as I have not completed the models I got from buying in on the Kickstarter, which were MANY.  They had a great program and the stretch goals were VERY cool.  Anyway, the model in the photo is a Mark III tank of the Texas Militia.  I am basing my US forces on Texas Militia and US Army.  The time period of the game is 1910 (but the initial Martian invasion was in 1895, and the earth armies benefited from alien tech a bit.  Very cool concept for a table top game. 

Another Kickstarter project I participated in was the BONES kickstarter.  These are all sorts of different Reaper models that were metal and now made in some kind of PVC, which makes the cost a small fraction.  Reaper sells these figures about less than $3.00US.
The stretch goals were awesome and for $115 I got almost $400 in models!  I have enough minis to last me a life time now.  I selected 3 to test fist.  You can see those in the bottom photo.  They are WIP.  I washed them, boiled them and corrected any bent parts, placing them into freezing water right after to make sure the proper pose stayed.  I then cleaned up any flash (which is a total PAIN IN THE ASS with PVC), and primed.  I use black and then white primer by Krylon.  You can see the wizard ont he right.  Reaper says you don't need primer, but I will always apply primer.  The 2 models on the left are not finished yet, almost.  The Elf archer and Human Warlock will be used for my Mordheim armies.  The Wiz on the right will end up on a round base for Song of Blades and Heroes. 
The photo above is also Bones models being prepped for primer.  These are will be part of war bands for Song of Blades and Heroes. 
So here I started this base at least 12 years ago.  It was just built.  Then, I primed it and left it alone again, till last week.  I airbrushed it with Ammo of Mig and VJ Air paints.  Other than the wooden posts and small rocks, everything is airbrushed, even the flock and shrubs.  This is still a work in progress and the tracks that are embedded are from either a Panzer 3 or 4, so this will be ready for when I finish something with those types of tracks.  

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