Friday, January 22, 2016

Star Wars Models from Bandai - Outstanding!

Always wanted some Star Wars models.  Been searching for years, but the ones that Revell make SUCK.  Too toyish.  Finally, Bandai was passed the torch to produce these models.  And MAN, they are SOME GOOD LOOKING MODELS!

So Far this is what has arrived from Japan:

These models are excellent quality.  The detail on them is outstanding.  So far I have the Xwing and Ywing.  There is a Tie fighter, AT-ST, and snow speeder on the way. 
It's too bad that Revell has stopped Bandai from selling in North America.  F Revell.  I am vowing NOT to buy Revell anymore for the time being.  The Star Wars models they put out ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE to the Bandai quality.

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  1. Seems the x-wing game bieng prepainted got to you. Looking forward to when you finish them.