Thursday, January 28, 2016


Latest updates on the building of the Chinese IFV. 

I still can't figure out why this system rotates my photos.  Anyway...

The etched brass is kit. 

Have some ideas for the lights and glass.  Going to be using a combination of Ammo and Tamiya clear products. 

Used Perfect Plastic Putty on the seams and gaps where needed.  This stuff is FREAKIN great! It goes on easily, and is water clean up.  I put it where I need it, then use a damp q-tip to wipe it down flat.  Be wary though, that once dry, it can still be manipulated once wet again.  It can also be sanded down if need be. 
Just a few more minor items and it's painting time.  My airbrushes are NOT up to par anymore.  Both my Iwatas need repairs and so does my Badger Krome.  I ordered a new Krome (yes I am NUTS) and a Patriot 105, for base colors etc.  I have a Badger 100 LG with a large needle, but as of right now, I am NOT happy with it.  It's old tech.  If the Patriot works better for base colors and Primers, I will either sell it or give it away as a prize.  It is BRAND NEW. 
This model will be an OOTB model for once.  Good thing it came with some brass. 

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