Tuesday, February 2, 2016

WIP: While we wait for the airbrushes...KV-1 1942 build

Yeah, THAT'S RIGHT, a 2nd build!  I finished the WZ-551, I need my airbrushes to arrive before I can continue, so I pulled out another model to build while I wait.  Say hello to Trumpeter's older KV-1 1942. 

It's a nice easy model, not too much detail, but enough to make it interesting.  The parts fit somewhat well, but the hull has gaps.  NOTHING The Perfect Plastic Putty can't fix! Overall I like it.  I am almost done with the build, BIT THEN, I have to build the tracks.  Model comes with rubber bands, which I through out, and also link and length.  I opted for the Fruil tracks I have to make the model pop.  Here is what I have so far.

Gaps everywhere

Perfect Plastic Putty


Used the liquid putty to fill the small knock out spots, this way when dry I can score them and make them look like weld marks.

Same thing.  I used the blade to make a ton of small slices to replicate weld marks.

I didn't like the detail on how the light was attached to the hull, so I added this little piece of plastic to rest the light on.

Cut the plastic from the strue identifier and cut and sanded to shape.


  1. You ordered a new airbrush? What kind?

    I want an airbrush lesson!

  2. Updated the blog with a detailed answer for you!