Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Figures: Mordheim model and Bones Figure.

I always have my figures that I have started but not finished close at hand.  While I was building my two AFVs, I reached over and finished these two models.  Just need to flock them.
This Vampire is an old Mordhiem model I have had for years!  I used my base painting, Citadel Shades, then minor high lights with SAME base color trick.  I do not really like the bright colors.  Some miniatures look cool that way, but I prefer more natural colors.  So you can see I paint the model, usually using 1 color.  Sometimes a high light.  I paint the base on a white primer.  Usually I spray a black primer, THEN a white heavy misting to create shadows (I spray from top down white only) and then I paint colors.  I paint the shade on the particular color only then when dry, the next shade.  So where you see red, I used the red shade, on the metal chest plate, black, on the boots and belt I used sepia, and on the pants regular brown.  Face received the skin toned shade.

Cape and hair got the black shade.  I used the same "tire black" Life color paint I used as the main base to high light the washed cape, thus giving it a more natural effect. 

This is a Bones PVC model.  I got this with the Kick Starter.  Their models aren't bad AT ALL for the price.  Cleaning up the flash lines sucks though.  Same painting method as Vampire.

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