Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New WIP - Star Wars Models from Bandai

I always wanted to build a Star Wars model.  The Revell models available in the US SUCK.  I dislike them greatly.  So, I found out about the Bandai models available in Japan.  I found them on Amazon and order them regularly.  These things are amazing.  The engineering, the quality, the subjects.  Here are just some of them that I have.  Missing from the photo are a Tie Advanced and a Tie Interceptor. 

So I decided to build the A-Wing as my first model.  A FB group I belong to, The Basement Air Force is having a Sci-Fi Group Build, so I chose this model for that build.  This group is a fantastic group for model builders.  Great group of guys from around the world, no jerks, just friends.  The man who started the group, Ralph is a fantastic guy. 

 Pre shading

 All the parts pre shaded
 Final base coats down
Color is a Vallejo Model Air color, (need to get correct color).

 Love airbrushing with Tamiya paints.  Terrible to paint on with a brush, amazing by air brush.  Mixed in retarder (for self leveling) and yellow capped Lacquer Thinner for good mixing and flow. 

Here we are starting to piece the model together in prep for a clear coat to start weathering. 
 Pre shading really looks good, I am satisfied.  Pilot looks pretty good too. Might add some ore details to him.  I free handed the front office details. 

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