Thursday, December 15, 2016

WIP: Continuing the A- Wing Star Fighter.

More work on the A Wing.  Decals on, washes on.  I am using Ammo Panel Line washes and a little bit of the Tamiya Wash for the cockpit.  They are visible in photo below. 

 Wiping off exess wash.  The Ammo PLW is great!  I don't even need mineral spirits to wipe off dried wash.  Simply rub off with q-tip. 
Here you can see the right side that has the wash compared to the left side that does not.  Very subtle.

Guns on, washes on, decals on pilot in his front office.   All i need to do now is some streaking.  I will not go nuts with the weathering on this model.  OH, I need to work on engine glow also.  I actually also did not like the contrast in the wash on the green parts, so I used darker wash to help it pop more.  

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