Friday, February 21, 2014

F4U Decals, Pin Washes and Done!

So at the decal and pin wash stage.  The Academy decals SUCK.  They are very durable BUT they do NOT take to Solvoset at all!  I didn't have any other decal softening agent left so this process was VERY annoying and took a while. 
So after the pin washes were completed after decals, I hit it one more time with satin coat (which is WAY to shiny) and added some streaking on wings, and fuselage. 

I did NOT like the sheen.  Too glossy even for US NAVY Blue Gloss.  So I decided to give Alclad Aqua Gloss a try.  I know it is a GLOSS but I heard good things. 

BAM!   Perfect sheen.  This product went on out of the bottle, NO cutting with anything else.  It was perfect!  I sprayed it at a 18-20 psi out of my airbrush. 

I did however totally mess up the gun smoke!  I am NOT happy with that.  I guess the paint wasn't thin enough and blasted out.  Oh well.  ANOTHER lesson learned. 
But the sheen is awesome. 


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