Thursday, February 20, 2014

War of the Roses 1455 to 1485. Impetus Rule Set.

The English aristocracy was involved in ware amongst the ruling families of the time.  It was after the 100 years war between France and England and MANY soldiers were out of work.  Hey, it's time for a new war!  It makes for a fun table top war game. 

At the time of this war, shields had fallen out of favor, so you will not really see any.  Long bow units made up a huge part of the armies, and as a result, HUGE number of troops and nobles were  hit by them.  Over all, the casualties were not as high as one would think, but many nobles and aristocrats were killed in battle, or captured and executed. 

A few friends and I are building a starter army to test out the Impetus Rules set.  I chose Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, the King Maker.  Being he changed sides mid way through the war, I thought I could have more gaming and modeling freedom.  His brother (or was is cousin) also commanded forces, with is own colors. 

My forces also have Burgundian mercenaries.  They are the guys with red X on the front ad back of their Uniforms. 

The bases are NOT yet painted.  Again, these forces are modeled for the Impetus battle rules.  Miniature dioramas as they are known. 

 These are the basic billmen infantry.  They are Perry miniatures.  These guys are a mix of new plastic and older metal figures.  Richard of Neville used RED liveries with a small white barbed staff of sorts.
 Richard Neville on the white horse, his men to his flanks.  The one on the left holds his banner, but the banners have not been put on yet. 
 More billmen.  All these, except the guy getting hit with an arrow are Perry Plastics.  The casualty is Perry metal.
   Men-at-Arms.  Now I know that during this war, most armor, especially for upper class warriors was polished.  But I do not like that look, so I toned it down a bit.  Furthermore, I do not like th elook of painted armor, as many did, so you wont see any of that in my army either.  :-)
Burgundian hand gunners.  Most hand gunners were mercenaries, and so were most crossbowmen.


  1. Nice looking paint jobs Panzer! THIS is the project you need to focus on!!!

  2. Nice work Panzer! Encourages me to finish my own.