Thursday, February 20, 2014

F4U Filters.....HUGE leasson learned.

Then came filter time.  I have applied filters to countless tanks, from 1:35 scale to 1:100.  I have never not been happy with a filter, TILL NOW.  I think the filter from AK Interactive was too thick.  I was NOT happy with the filter.  I used the blue filter for panzers, thinking it would tone the blue down a bit, but it was very visible and dirty looking!  NOT HAPPY.  I should of made my own filter.  I ended up making my own wash. 

Being the filter looked like shit, I tried to remove as much as possible and carried on. 
Next step was to clean off the excess filter and add a diff blue (Tamiya Royal Blue XF-3) to 2 panels to add some variation.  I added it to the right wing and one of the wheel hatches on the left wing. 

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