Thursday, February 5, 2015

DeMag D7 Update on Progress

So I have been moving SLOW...but here are some of the latest photos of the model.  Almost done with it.

 Dry fitting of the rear gun deck after some Ammo of Mig pigments.  Very subtle so you really cant see that much.  I mixed a little bit of light dust with earth Nature Effects and applied it to just the right areas on the tracks, hubs of wheels, exterior of the vehicle and inside the driver area. 
 I finally finished the tracks.  Remember, these are old Dragon tracks from an older edition 250/1.  I used the tracks and the sprocket wheel.  I was able to make the tracks COMPLETLY workable.  You can see the one link that is unpainted is the connecting link to put the whole thing together.  It was painted soon after with Ammo of Mig Track primer and Life Color rubber on the pads.

Here I have a series of photos of the model after applying light coats of dust in prep for the dirt/dust which will be my final step.  I used Ammo of Mig Dust and light dry mud  and did light over spray under the wheel wells, engine compartment, gun deck, screens/ammo canister and over wheels and tracks.  Next, some darker pigments.  

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