Monday, February 9, 2015

New Addition: A Good Friend's New Blog; Painting the Lead Pile

So Sal is a good friend of mine.  Met, going on 14 years ago at a local gaming/comic store with a few other guys.  Now, years later, we are all married WITH MULTIPLE kids and still trying to get gaming and building/painting in. 

Sal is super busy, but he spends his "free" time on figures.  He is a miniature fanatic and one of the best miniature painters I know.  He is also gifted with terrain.  If you like table top gaming as much as we do, then his blog is for you. 

Oh, NOT only is he good at painting miniatures and figures, but he as a SERIOUS disease too....he CANT stop collecting MORE "lead" to add to his pile.....get it?  LOL.  Man is a miniature collecting FANATIC!

Stop on over and pay Sal's new blog a visit. 

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