Monday, February 23, 2015

Mig-21 PF Eduard 1/48: Update WIP

Worked on this bad boy ALL WEEK.  I have about 38 hours logged into this model and I still am only at this stage.  I am one slow model maker. 

so while working on the Mig's under side, I blindly reached for something with my right hand when I was to the left of the model and WHACK! (see below)

Back handed the Mig right in the nose!  Terrible.  I was NOT happy.

Working on scribing out some of the panel lines and rivets that were clogged with putty

Adding PE

Wings, flaps and control surfaces

This is the PE piece for the wheel hydraulics!

What it looks like all bent into shape

Test fitting the ejection seat.

 After gluing the missile's fins.  I rested the missiles on a small rack to prevent them from touching the matt and bending the fins until totally dry.  I even drilled out the rear of the missiles.  

Getting ready for paint.  Tissues and asking.


The progression of the Ejection Seat and all the PE that went on it.  Phew, that was A TON of PE.  That was a first time putting on all those belts etc on a seat. I also used Ammo of Mig Primer and colors on the seat.  Washes also were Ammo of Mig.

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