Thursday, February 9, 2017

Kings Of War Game Night, Unscheduled Game #1

My buddies and I are playing a friendly campaign.  As my buddy calls it (his campaign), CAMP PAIN.  Last night's game was at my place, Kingdom of Men vs. the Abyssals (nasty demons).

We used my terrain and Urban Matz mat (4x4 grassland) as our battle field.  The terrain placement was random, 2D6 and a scatter die. 

It was a fun game, but as usual, I had some bad rolling, I was rolling low....when I really needed to roll high and as a result, was crushed.  My buddy is also a master gamer which added to my demise. 

Here are some photos from the game.

Start of turn 2.  My left flank was not set up correctly.  Nino did a great job placing his forces. In this photo you can see me trying to set up a trap for him to slam hi flank. 

Turn 3.  Thing on the left look bad for me.  My knights didn't do much on the charge and the scouts with their pistols didn't do anything on the hounds. The cannon was 100% useless never hitting a thing.
Nino saw the trap and used his two wing units to block a potential counter charge of his General Devil (as I call him) and charged my unit of Foot Guard.

Here is an example of shit luck....which is my life story with rolling dice.  I got off a flank charge and front charge.  34 dice to hit.  Hit a good amount causing a ton of wounds...all I needed to do was NOT get snake eyes.  Guess what I got.......see photo above. 

Only unit left was Spears.  They took a charge from 2 of Nino's best units.  The General and Wizard didn't do much and I called the game at start of Turn 6 as there was NO WAY to win or draw once the spearmen went down.  Good Game Nino!
I like King Of War much better than the older War Hammer from GW.  Game is quicker, easier, less to remember and just as fun!  Plus magic isn't sooo powerful that one super mage can wreck your entire army.  I prefer this game 100%.
PS: In progress of painting my army....

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