Thursday, February 23, 2017

Kings Of War: Camp-Pain "scheduled campaign game": Scheduled Game #1

The rules we were given are that we can play as many "unscheduled" games we want, BUT we must get our scheduled game in for round 1 by March 1.  Last night my buddy Scott came by to get that game in.  His Ogres vs. my Kingdom of Men army.  At first I was scared to look across the battlefield and see these huge ogres...and by the end, I was still scared!  Not cause of their brutality, but because they are an incredible shooting army.  All my units that were lost were lost to shooting.  crazy!

 Set up.  Knights and shooting cav on the right flank, main line on the left with ballista support on the right.
 End of Scott's turn 1.  Just out of charge rang for I had to get crafty.  He had me in a bad spot and Shot up my Foot Guard, one of my better units. 
 So I crept fwd and positioned my two units as 2 juicy targets...but one could get a flank.  The river helped me here....but would hurt me later.
 So here I had to move my light cav scouts on the knights flank to protect against a flank charge. in doing so, the Gobos lit up the cav and just barely got the route!  The Giant was scaring them walking around their flanks.  as you can see, the Scouts are running for their life!!!
 So here you can see the classic pincer.  The Pathfinder capable Warriors got the charge off on the Heavy Pikes, but were ensnared! The Berserkers saw their juicy opportunity for a flank.  As you can see, the foot guard are also off the board.  Shot to bits by the Ogre Heavy Xbows. 
 My first ever Healing charm to hit all 3 times and look, 3 SIXES!!!
 With the Warriors gone, There was now a HORDE Warriors unit in the river.  No photos exist of this combat but the Human units were able to charge and defeat them. 

 On the left flank, the knights had defeated the gobos, getting revenge for the scouts.  The giant kept them busy though as they danced around trying to get leverage.  The knights managed to stay out of shooting arc of the heavy xbows. 
 Trying to reform their lines and cross the river, the heavy pikes and Berserkers were constantly under fire. 
 The ballista hit the first two rounds of battle but never again....

 Here we see the battle of the hvy pikes and Giant.  The pikes got a charge but did poorly, then the Giant didn't hit much BUT due to his brutal, was able to waver them!!!  Not good for me.  Great for Scott. 
 The orger bhvy xbows killed the human standard bearer as well.  This was the final photo of the battle as there would be NO turn 7.  I'm sure on turn 7 Scott could have won by routing the hvy pikes. 

 View from the ballista position of the battle field.
 All my casualties....all routed from shooting.
 Team photo of the combatants 

This was my 6th game of King of War.  I have lost 3, and gotten a draw 3.  I am WINLESS!!!!  WOOHOOO!
For more fun gaming, please see my friend Scott's blog at and the link can also be found on the right had sight of the page of my blog. 

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