Thursday, February 9, 2017

Terrain: The seach for cool terrain that wont break the bank and is easy to set up. 4Ground products

I am not a fan of cheesy terrain.  As a good painter, I prefer to paint my own terrain and make it look good.  That laser cut flat wood stuff was NOT to my liking, BUT.....4 Ground has changed my mind.

I recently ordered some 4 Ground laser cut, pre-painted buildings. I took a change and man, am I happy I did.  I have ordered a ton of this stuff, and plan on a few more.  It's pre-painted, and goes together with wood glue.  Easy, no painting (you can always touch thing up or change stuff it you REALLY want), great quality, and great for games like Mordheim, Bolt Action, Konflict '47, or any skirmish type game that you can play IN buildings. 

Here are some photos of what I ordered.  I like the Fabled Realms line from 4Ground and also their World at War line, which are ww2 type buildings. 

 Above is view of my Urban Mat with random terrain on it.  Fish tank terrain, 4Ground buildings and GW terrain.  I set this up just to comapare things.  You can see Bolt action models three with War Hammer models. 
 Close up of a Dark Elf assault on an Empire outpost...
US Para's shooting and moving on SS Grenediers as they re position. 
 My initital 4Ground purchase.
 First build.

 Panels fit in perfectly.  Pop them out of the sprue and pop them into the slot. 

NOT a Fabled realms kit. 

 Building the wagon

Super easy
So far I love this stuff.  I will be building more of the homes and terrain I bought soon.  Soon, will ahve a great selection of items for WW2 games and Mordheim type skirmish games.  

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